My slave's website in Catalan 

Hi yall ( Yall. Not meow!) I am 


(In latin my name  means "The Owner" or Domain, it's ok)

I´m a VERY dissimulated kitty

(You are listening to "Alley Cat" but I am NOT one of'em)

 I have many other names though. The one I HATE is "flea-market" because it's unfair. I take baths regularly. I don't have any flea.

I was born in a small mountain town, in Brazil, named Teresópolis, state of Rio de Janeiro, in august 2004.

You can see a couple pics of MY town here

You may wonder why this site is written in english (or in broken english, because I am still learning Shakespeare's language) but this reason is NOT public. I am a Celebrity but this page ain't  "E!". And you paparazzi: wassup guys? Get out of my way or I'll send my body guards and bouncers after you!

I have a slave who is a writer. But he is not as famous as I am. I am known everywhere I go. And everybody loves me. I am sooo cutie...

Sometimes I send my slave to Rio de Janeiro and I stay at the PET-POINT Vet,

where, btw, someone got me. Later on got a slave for me. At the Vet they take care of me for a couple days and after that my slave drives me back home again.

I 'd rather to live on a house, though. Once, I lived on a house and the girl who got me at the Vet did not want me out of it but as soon as she left Brazil my slave let me do all I always wanted to. He is a pretty good fella.

Once, he was about to move to this our current address, and the night before I ran away and only came back home again 24 hours later. Hungry, though. But I had a very good time.

A friend of my slave says "cats were made to sleep" and she is right. That's what I do most of time. I like it!  NO! I don´t like to sleep only till 12 noon...

Something else I like too is to SCRATCH all and everything. And everybody. For example, once this

used to be a very brand new couch and I simply decided to destroy it. I love it.

Not only the couch but to scratch it too.

Oh, NO! I am not a persian cat but I got this persian rug to show you my beautiful green eyes...

Think I need some tan... what about a sun bath at the balcony?

NO! No one is going to see Dave Letterman or Oprah. I am the boss here for I have the remote. Get a life, bud.

Having a good time in the back yard of the first house I used to live at. Where is Dominó?

I have ordered in India a taylor made (out of straw) bag for me to sleep sometimes. Do you have any better idea for doing with an indian bag? I simply love this bag... and to play with these three doorstoppers when I am not sleeping...

From times to times I send my slave to France, (although he is so stubborn and begs me every time for a First Class round trip) to a small town named Vergèze to buy containers of Perrier Sparkling Mineral Water for me.

As the french people say when they are thirsty:  " une petite boutteile de l'eau Perrier, s'il vous plaît..."  (a small bottle of Perrier Water, please). Some people think I am french too due to my accent...

I  must agree with you:  what a very demanding and pampered kitty:

I know water was supposed to be supplied in the BLUE recipient for such color is associated with water, but the girl who got me at the Vet was colour blind - I guess - and she messed it all up. Now I only drink from the purple recipient.


Also my food is one of the best money can buy. I ONLY eat "Delícias da Granja" ( Delicious from the Grange) by Purina.

And I tell my slave to buy a 3 kilos pack at a time. I am not as fat as Garfield is, though...

NO! Nobody is stepping on my tail. I simply just woke up.That's all.

Confess: right now you are about to yawn...but it's not because of my story, is it? So, why don´t you take a nap right now?

Well dudes, promise to update my website when I wake up. By now I gotta get some sleep... again.

BTW I am looking for a pretty nice female kitty for QTR ( Q for Quickie ) .  If you happen to know one, in the heat, lemme know... 1-800-123-kitty. NO, I am NOT fixed, no way. But ain't broken either ;-)))


I am on YOUTUBE. What about you??? That's all folks !!!

See yall.

Signed: (Dominó)

PS) YES, "Ó". Can't you spell it correctly? OK, call me "Flea-Market". I am used to and don't care anymore. Niiiight...zzzzzz.


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